Nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, and healthcare facilities are eligible to apply. Individuals, city, county, and tribal governments are not eligible. Organizations must submit an application that meets the following:

  • Benefits at least one high-risk population

  • Relates to substance use prevention

Applications will be scored based on the rubric below. A perfect score is not necessary. All coalition members will have the opportunity to score the application. An average of 15 points must be obtained for grant approval.

Allowable Expenses

Funds can be used for tangible items or one-time expenditures (event space rental, training fee, etc.). Funds may not be used for staff time. Unfortunately, due to a change in restrictions, funds may not be used to purchase vape detectors.

  • Examples of Allowable Expenses:

    • Fees for individual training (i.e. TMEC)

    • Event space rental 

    • Commercial tobacco-free signage

  • Funds may not be used for the following:

    • Commercial tobacco retail licensure (TRL) enforcement activities

    • Treatment services other than commercial tobacco cessation

    • Other programs or efforts not related to commercial tobacco prevention

    • Vape detectors